Minutes October 1, 2012


The Texas Historical Commission will be discussing the newly proposed historical marker regulations on January 20, which opens the door to removing historical markers and monuments in Texas without thorough vetting and without adequate opportunities for county...

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2021 Road Rally

MONTGOMERY COUNTY HISTORICAL COMMISSION MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS NEWS RELEASE 8th Annual History Road Rally  The Montgomery County Historical Commission is pleased to announce its 8th annual HISTORY ROAD RALLY in Willis on Saturday afternoon, February 27. Chairman...

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Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce Building

  1. The Meeting of the Montgomery County Historical Commission was called to order on Monday, October 1, 2012, by Chairman Larry Foerster at 5:30 p.m.
  2. The following members were present: Larry Foerster, Gertie Spencer, Edith Clanton, Martha Gandy, Celeste Graves, David “Jay” Hrivnatz, Nancy Jackson, Karen “Kandy” Lucas, Sue Ann Powell, Nevaire Richardson, Anna Shepeard and Eulice Vial. Others in attendance: Robin Montgomery, Barbara Hamilton, Heather Kramer, Carl Biano, Patsy Biano, Danny Biano, and Ron Saikowski.
  3. Recognition of special guests: Ron Saikowski with Conroe Live, Inc. and Robin Montgomery representing Texas Center for Regional Studies were recognized. Robin announced the dates of April 12 and 13, 2013, for the Texas Legacy Fest, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Texas Republic. Activities will center at the Flag Park.
  4. There were no comments from the public.
  5. Anna Shepeard made the motion, which was seconded by Martha Gandy, to accept the minutes as written. Motion carried.
  6. The following Update concerning the Historical Commission was given by Commission Chairman, Larry Foerster:
    • Reminder to turn in Open Meetings certificates by the end of November.
    • Every two years, the Commission members have to be reapproved by Commissioners Court. The current membership list will be submitted to the Commissioners in November for the 2013-2014 term.
    • Raymon Laughter will no longer appear on Active Member list. His resignation was accepted with regret.
    • Historical Marker Training Workshop will be available in the spring of 2013.

The following item on the Agenda was discussed next:

  1. Approve applications for Texas Historical Markers in Montgomery County:
    • Ron Saikowski with Conroe Live, Inc. presented information requesting the placement of a Historical Marker commemorating the Downtown Conroe Fire of 1911. Preserving downtown; “The City that faith built.” Asked approval of Montgomery County Historical Commission to apply for the Historical Marker. (Anna Shepeard explained the need for footnotes and narrative. Significant event category. Oral History.) Motion was made by Gertie Spencer and seconded by Anna Shepeard to approve the request for a Historical Marker commemorating the Downtown Conroe Fire of 1911, subject to additional information. Motion carried.
    • Larry Foerster presented the attached narrative requesting a Montgomery County Courthouse Historical Marker. (Anna Shepeard pointed out the need for footnotes instead of end notes, numbered according to source.) Motion was made by Eulice Vial and seconded by Anna Shepeard to approve the Historical Marker for the Courthouse, subject to additional information. Motion carried.
    • Carl Biano, representing the Morgan Cemetery Memorial Association in Security, requested the approval of a Historical Marker for Morgan Cemetery. The first grave recorded was that of a child in 1887.
      (Recommendations made: include deeds, bibliography, list number of veterans (including Civil War), Daughters of the Confederacy marker needs to be mentioned. List resources, footnotes, etc.) Anna, Larry and Gertie will review the application prior to submission.) Motion was made by Anna Shepeard to approve the Morgan Cemetery Historical Marker, subject to additional information, and was seconded by Karen Lucas. Motion carried.
    • Note: May develop guidelines for processing information brought to Historical Commission rather than bringing to Historical Commission before it is completed. Texas Historical Commission in Austin chooses what to put on the marker.
  2. Gertie Spencer and Anna Shepeard submitted guidelines for the approval of Commission funds for worthy projects of historical significance in the County (attached). Included in this are Reimbursement Procedures recommended by Patti Werner who processes all reimbursements for Montgomery County. She suggested not doing grants; reimbursement instead: 501c(3) organizations – all original invoices. Points to be determined regarding:
    • $14,000 available – don’t want to lose opportunity to spend the money
    • Special Projects Committee?
    • Needs vs. Wants
    • Historical structures (Jay Hrivnatz will chair committee)
    • Have $500 Petty Cash to pay for reimbursement for miscellaneous items

    Tabled – no action taken. Will finalize after get addition information. November Agenda item.

  3. Committee report concerning construction of a Historical Commission website: According to Larry Foerster, the first order of business is to get a domain name and register. The following has been suggested as a possible domain name: montgomerycountyhistoricalcommission.tx. It can include no more than 67 letters. Heather Kramer stated the website committee plans to get a “url” address as soon as possible, with January as a deadline for the Request for Proposal for construction of the website.
  4. Due to the absence of Brenda Beaven, the report on a Youth Advisory Board was postponed.
  5. (See above regarding Historical Marker approval)
  6. Larry Foerster submitted a request for reimbursement of expenses for a $45 roll of stamps. Motion was made by Jay Hrivnatz and seconded by Karen Lucas to approve this request. Motion carried.
  7. Barbara Hamilton, of the East Montgomery County Historical Society, and Heather Kramer, Department Head of Genealogy at the Montgomery County Library, were nominated for membership to the Montgomery County Historical Commission. The motion was made by Anna Shepeard and seconded by Celeste Graves. Motion carried. Chairman Larry Foerster expressed the need for a representative from South County. Dorothy Reese prefers to be a volunteer, rather than a member, and is presently doing research on black funeral homes in Conroe.
  8. Jay Hrivnatz reported on Special Projects for the Commission. He has learned that most historical organizations that assist with fund raising find ways to generate money from businesses and other 501c(3) organizations. Larry Foerster challenged the members to think of ways to generate funds, and gave the example of Houston’s Road Rally, which directs participants, through clues, from historical site to historical site. A celebration is held at the end. Sue Ann Powell mentioned compiling a Historical Calendar. Larry distributed an example of historical plaques, such as those provided by the Walker County Historical Commission, as a possible countywide fund raiser.
  9. The next meeting of the Historical Commission will be Monday, November 5, 2012.
  10. The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Submitted by:

Sue Ann Powell, Secretary