Minutes November 5, 2012


The Texas Historical Commission will be discussing the newly proposed historical marker regulations on January 20, which opens the door to removing historical markers and monuments in Texas without thorough vetting and without adequate opportunities for county...

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2021 Road Rally

MONTGOMERY COUNTY HISTORICAL COMMISSION MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS NEWS RELEASE 8th Annual History Road Rally  The Montgomery County Historical Commission is pleased to announce its 8th annual HISTORY ROAD RALLY in Willis on Saturday afternoon, February 27. Chairman...

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Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce Building

  1. The meeting of the Montgomery County Historical Commission was called to order on Monday, November 5, 2012, by Chairman Larry Foerster at 5:32 p.m.
  2. The following members were present: Larry Foerster, Brenda Beaven, Edith Clanton, David Frame, Celeste Graves, David “Jay” Hrivnatz, Karen Lucas, Sue Ann Powell, Anna Shepeard, Beverly Tucker and Barbara Hamilton. Others in attendance: Robin Montgomery, Harold Hutcheson, Mar Lynn Harris, Juanita Stanley and Ron Saikowski.
  3. Recognition of special guests: Dr. Robin Montgomery, representing Texas Legacy Fest, April 12-13, 2013, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the 1st Republic of Texas; Harold Hutcheson, Director of Conroe Convention & Visitors Bureau; Mar Lynn Harris; Juanita Stanley, incoming President of Conroe Live and Ron Saikowski of Conroe Live.
  4. There were no comments from the public.
  5. The motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Celeste Graves and seconded by Barbara Hamilton. Motion carried.
  6. The following Update concerning the Historical Commission was given by Larry Foerster:
    • Reminded members to turn in their Texas Open Meetings Act Certificate of Course Completion.
    • Reminder that the Texas Historical Commission report listing members must be made to Commissioners’ Court. Recommends listing Raymon Laughter and Eulice Vial, who are no longer able to serve by attending regular meetings due to other obligations and health, as Emeritus Members.
    • Texas Historical Commission will offer Historical Marker training in the Spring.
    • Recognized Anna Shepeard for the Confederate Memorial Marker Dedication at the Willis Cemetery on October 20th. (Expressed concern for the condition of the cemetery).
    • Recognized Pauline Bussel, Gertie Spencer and Anna Shepeard for the Poole Cemetery Historical Marker.
    • Project – allow for annual tour of Oakwood Cemetery. (Needs upgrade).
    • Regularly receive information about what other Historical Commissions are doing from the Texas Historical Commission representative, Amy Hammonds.
    • Houston Arts and Media – Houston Road Rally. GPS locations and clues direct participants to different historical sites.
  7. Report from Jay Hrivnatz about the Texas Historical Commission seminars he attended in Austin in August:
    • How to raise funds for 501(3)c organizations, Gifts and Grants. (Suggested the need for an area, possibly at the Library, for Historical Commission reference materials such as the ones he received at this training.
    • Day 1 – Friends of Texas Historical Commission – Government entities like ours do not fundraise for themselves. Have “Friends of” organization; sister organization. Gifts – Monetary and non-monetary gifts. Foster relationships in community. Corporate sponsorships attach themselves – sponsor a link or kick-off
    • Day 2 – Grants – specific moneys given by organization to fulfill projects of historical organizations
    • Consider forming “Friends of Montgomery County historical Commission at later date. Bigger projects will require bigger resources.
  8. Report concerning Guidelines for the Approval of Commission Funds for worthy projects of historical significance in the County. Larry will send this out. Finalize at January meeting. These guidelines will be sent to 501(3)c organizations in Montgomery County. Requests for funds due by July 1, in order to get approval of Commissioners’ Court.
  9. The need for the formation of a Historical Building Preservation Committee was discussed. Act as a resource for people who have a historic building and need information about where to go for help in preservation. Follow National Register guidelines. Look at on local level first. Website to list links to various kinds of resources. Larry recommended the formation of this committee and suggested Jay Hrivnatz as Chairman and a representative from each part of the county to serve with him. Jay is to present an outline at the next meeting, with proposal for how this committee might be structured. Solicit interest in serving on this committee. Could be outside members.
  10. David Frame reported on a Request for Proposal for construction of a Historical Commission website. (See Handout).
    • Finding a legitimate business to do this
    • Seal – need design
    • Ways of reaching people—Facebook, Catablog, Pinterest
    • Rolling slide show – looking for 8-10 most important pictures of Montgomery County. Identify pictures.
    • Data Base – under Calendar. Software
    • Content Management – almost daily updates
    • Needs to be on a server – tie into Montgomery County server?
    • GIS data base – could get companies to sponsor sites. Google capability
    • Links? Let David know
    • $3,000 – $4,000
    • Need two months lead time after we approve
    • Recommendation—Look at carefully to see if anything else needed. Check with County to see if they will host site—10 “gigs” space needed. Any problem with advertising on the site? Security of site (server). Too expensive to get our own server–$300-$400 year.
    • Phases – Links, Pages
    • Report comments to Larry
    • Heather Kramer would be a good resource – manage Calendar. Different people do different pieces of it. Contact; e-mail
    • Domain name – URL address: montgomerycountyhistoricalcommission.tx
  11. Report on Youth Advisory Board by Brenda Beaven:
    • Need guidelines – how many from each high school (9 high schools)? Home Schools?
    • Two from each high school—Juniors start in Spring, become members when Seniors. Next year add juniors. Good for their resumes. Enter as Junior; serve Senior year.
    • Guidelines for Youth Advisory Board – Larry will check with Amy Hammonds at THC. See if other Historical Commissions have these?
    • Projects for Youth Advisory Board: website, historical preservation project (Eagle Scouts), fresh ideas— activities in their own high school, Texas Republic headstones in Montgomery County
  12. Updated applications for Texas Historical Markers:
    • Larry Foerster has updated application for Montgomery County Courthouse and Anna Shepeard has approved it. (Handout)
    • Hasn’t heard from Morgan Cemetery – won’t be ready for November 15 deadline.
    • Ron Saikowski – Updated Downtown Fire, sponsored by City of Conroe, Conroe Live. ( Handout) Larry and Anna will look at it. Footnotes or Endnotes needed.
  13. No request for reimbursement of expenses.
  14. Discuss goals, long range plans and special projects of the Commission. Covered above.
  15. Calendar of regular 2013 meetings of the Commission discussed: Larry Foerster suggested meeting every other month beginning in January. He also suggested meeting on the first Monday of those months. Motion was made by Anna Shepeard to meet every other month, beginning in January. Beverly Hamilton seconded the motion. Motion carried.
    Anna Shepeard made the motion, subject to any changes needed, to meet on the first Monday every other month. Edith Clanton seconded the motion. Motion carried. The next meeting will be January 7th.
  16. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Submitted by:

Sue Ann Powell, Secretary