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  The Montgomery County Historical Commission is offering for sale its new 239-page pictorial book on our county’s history: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS HISTORICAL TIMELINE, a chronology of historic facts and anecdotes concerning the entire County from its pre-historic days of the Native Americans and the Spanish explorers through those recent county events occurring in 2013.  Numerous Read more ...


On behalf of the Montgomery County Historical Commission and the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, I welcome you to our County Historical Commission website. The County Historical Commission, composed of citizen members appointed by the County Commissioners Court, has followed the Texas Historical Commission’s on-going purpose of surveying, recording, and promoting Read more ...


COUNTY-WIDE “YOUTH ADVISORY BOARD” One of the most important branches of the Montgomery County Historical Commission is its Youth Advisory Board (“YAB” for short). Composed of juniors and seniors representing public and private high schools in Montgomery County.  The goal is to harness the “Youth Power” in our communities by Read more ...

Minutes June 18, 2012

Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce Building

  1. Meeting called to order by Chairman Larry Foerster at 5:30pm.
  2. Commission members present: Larry Foerster, Anna Shepeard, Gertie Spencer, Edith Clanton, Martha Gandy, Nancy Jackson, Raymon Laughter, Sue Ann Powell, Nevarie Richardson, and Eulice Vial.Commission members absent: Celeste Graves
  3. Visitors present who introduced themselves: Robin Montgomery, Jean Barnhill, Sally Copley, Suzanne Reese, Judith Weidner, Brenda Beaven, Ann Simms, Billy Ray Duncan, David Frame, David J. Hrivnatz, Carol Hicks, Karen Luca, Martha Foerster, Joe Richardson.
  4. County Judge Alan B. “Barb” Sadler was introduced and gave encouraging comments to the audience.
  5. Commission Chair, Larry Foerster, commented on Open Meetings Act, and a required training video to be watched by all commissioners either online or at a later meeting.
  6. No other comments made from the public.
  7. The proposed By Laws for the Historical Commission were reviewed. Eulice Vial made a motion to approve the ByLaws, motion was seconded by Anna Shepeard, and unanimously approved.
  8. Nominees for Executive Committee:  Anna Shepeard made a motion, seconded by Eulice Vial, that Gertie Spencer serve as the Vice Chairperson. Motion passed unanimously with Gertie Spencer abstaining.  Gertie Spencer made a motion, seconded by Nancy Jackson, that Sue Ann Powell serve as the Secretary. Motion passed unanimously with Sue Ann Powell abstaining.  Eulice Vial made a motion, seconded by Sue Ann Powell, that Anna Shepeard serve as the Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously with Anna Shepeard abstaining.
  9. The proposed 2012-2013 Historical Commission Budget was discussed. Sue Ann Powell made a motion, seconded by Martha Gandy, to approve the budget. Motion passed unanimously.
  10. A future website for the Historical Commission was discussed. Larry Foerster requested that members contact him with any suggestions for a company that they might consider for constructing the website.
  11. Possible goals, long range plans, and special projects of the Commission were discussed.
  12. Applicants for appointment to the Commission were introduced and discussed. They are: David “Jay” Hrivnatz, Karen “Candy” Lucas, David Frame, and Brenda Beaven.  Anna Shepeard made a motion, seconded by Nancy Jackson, to approve the appointment of these four applicants. Motion was unanimously approved to recommend these applicants to Commissioner’s Court for membership on the Commission.
  13. Regular meeting date and time were discussed.  Next meeting date will be August 20 at 5:30pm at the Conroe Chamber of Commerce building.  At that meeting, a regular meeting date will be decided. Larry Foerster recommended that there be 6 meetings this next year—one every other month.  The law requires 4 meetings per year.
  14. Raymon Laughter made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Nancy Jackson.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Martha Foerster
Interim Secretary

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