Historical Markers in Montgomery County

State of Texas Markers in Montgomery County

Texas Atlas – List of Montgomery County Historic Markers

Format for information below includes the State Marker Number followed by location given in Lat/Long coordinates, then a picture of the marker if it is available followed by the Marker narrative.  Additional data may include supporting information and pictures associated with each marker.

Charles Bellinger Stewart
telegraph road
Charles Bellinger Stewart
Conroe Telephone Exchange
Conroe Oil Field
telegraph road
New Caney Marker Info
First State Bank of Montgomery
magnolia depot
John M Wade
jacob shannon cem
Former Town of Danville
United Methodist Church
Mount Pleasant Cem
Nat Davis Cottage
New Cemetery of Montgomery
Site of Willis Cigar Factory
shelton smith house
Noah Griffith and Esther Wightman Griffith
Willis Methodist Church
Willis Male and Female College
Willis Cigar Factory
Conroe Oil Field
Conroe Townsite
Crater Hill
Davis Law Office
Montgomery Baptist Church Building
The Isaac Conroe Property
J. S. Griffith Home
Frontier Colonial Home

Remaining list of Markers are missing data elements, like the location of the Marker, the Narrative, or the type.

Bennett’s Early Homesite
Former Homesite of Joseph L. Bennett
James Jordan (Jardine) Log House
Methodist Parsonage
Mabin Alexander Anderson
Matthew W. Cartwright
M. B. Steger Home
Crane Family Cabin
J. S. Griffith Home
Montgomery County
Methodist Church Site, Mem. to Circuit Riders
Oklahoma School
Old Dr. Wm. P. Powell Home
Reuben Jonathan Palmer
Secretaries of State
Simonton Home
The Richard Williams Cemetery
Sunday-Moore House
Site of the Home of Dr. Charles B. Stewart
William Cartwright
William Womack
William S. Taylor