November 2018
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The Montgomery County Historical Commission is offering for sale its new 239-page pictorial book on our county’s history: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS HISTORICAL TIMELINE, a chronology of historic facts and anecdotes concerning the entire County from its pre-historic days of the Native Americans and the Spanish explorers through those recent county events occurring in 2013.  Numerous historic photographs and maps are also featured throughout the book.

Historical Commission chairman, Larry L. Foerster, wrote the book over a two-year period; and it is being offered for the retail price of $20 in soft cover and $35 in hard cover.   All proceeds from the book benefit the preservation projects of the Historical Commission.   Copies of the book are currently available at the Heritage Museum, the Greater  Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce,  Gullo Ford and Gullo Toyota of Conroe, Mimi’s on Main Antiques in Conroe, and at other businesses throughout the County. 






On behalf of the Montgomery County Historical Commission and the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, I welcome you to our County Historical Commission website. The County Historical Commission, composed of citizen members appointed by the County Commissioners Court, has followed the Texas Historical Commission’s on-going purpose of surveying, recording, and promoting the appreciation of local history as well as marking those historical sites and structures deemed worthy of preservation for either historical or architectural reasons. This Website is designed and maintained consistent with the Mission Statement of our County Historical Commission:

  • To discover, and as appropriate, circulate information pertinent to the historical identity of Montgomery County, Texas.
  • To cooperate with other persons, groups, organizations and agencies in preserving the history and heritage of Texas.

This Website is created for all Montgomery County historical entities to utilize. Your organization is welcome to distribute information, post articles, and use the website calendar for the promotion and preservation of our county and state’s history. You may post your historic pictures on our Pinterest site and other social media sites, and put your organization’s website on our links page. Naturally, the Historical Commission will make the final decision on what information is pertinent and appropriate for our Website and other social media.
Historical preservation is a vital part of a promising future for Montgomery County. We believe that this Website will help our Historical Commission and other partnering organizations promote county-wide awareness and appreciation of historical preservation and its benefits for our residents of all ages. To that end, we invite you to use and partner with us in making our Historical Commission website both informative and entertaining.
Larry L. Foerster, Chairman
Montgomery County Historical Commission



One of the most important branches of the Montgomery County Historical Commission is its Youth Advisory Board (“YAB” for short). Composed of juniors and seniors representing public and private high schools in Montgomery County.  The goal is to harness the “Youth Power” in our communities by forming a high school youth advisory board.   The Historical Commission believes this is the first such county-wide youth organization of its kind in Texas.

The Montgomery County Historical Commission is a duly constituted organization of Montgomery County government composed of citizen members appointed by the County Commissioners who serve for two-year terms.  The Commission reports to the County Judge and the Commissioners Court and the Texas Historical Commission. The Commission works in various fields including archeology, architecture, history, economic development and heritage tourism for the purpose of preserving and promoting the rich history and heritage of Montgomery County—the third oldest county in Texas, created in 1837.

The Youth Advisory Board has its own set of By-Laws along with a Mission Statement:

To provide the youth of Montgomery County opportunities through volunteerism and service to have a positive effect on the preservation and promotion of the history and heritage of Texas and Montgomery County; to discover and circulate information that is important to the historical identity of Montgomery County; and to offer a forum by which youth in Montgomery County can voice their ideas and concerns.

These energetic and creative young people—all personally selected by their school teachers and administrators—will individually and collectively:

  • Be a voice for the youth of Montgomery County in our Historical  Commission’s goals to make history relevant,  interesting and fun for all ages
  • Promote Historical Commission activities  and events,  such as the upcoming first annual  History  Road Rally and similar historical  events around Montgomery County
  • Generate fresh and fun  ideas for projects that serve the Historical Commission  and the citizens  of  Montgomery County
  • Increase awareness  of  educational opportunities for Texas and Montgomery County history
  • Be directly engaged in the preservation and promotion of  the history of Montgomery  County
  • Promote the contributions of Montgomery County youth as service volunteers
  • Help  with  the maintenance of the Historical Commission website  and other social media that distribute information about Montgomery County’s historical sites and its rich heritage
  • Have fun working with other Montgomery County youth along with respected County leaders

For more information about this new organization, please contact Commission member and Board sponsor, Brenda Beaven at 936-499-3786 (cell) or email:


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